My new book How To Be A Gentlewoman: The Art of Soft Power in Hard Times is out on September 5.

I was named 2016’s Writer of The Year at the Press And Publishing Association Awards (PPAs) and my features for ELLE, as well as National Newspapers including The Times, The Telegraph and The Guardian cover topics from fashion and style to sexuality and gender, social trends, memoirs, and observational humour pieces.

I specialise in covering deep, intellectual subject matters with a lightness of touch. I have previously written a hugely popular column for ES Magazine called ‘The Crush’ – a weekly paean to a newsworthy person of note and ‘Lotte’s Lexicon’ for ELLE – a sideways look at a word the fashion world can’t stop saying, from ‘sassy’, to ‘over’, which was shortlisted for column of the year in 2017

I was Acting Deputy Editor of ES Magazine (previously Features Director) before joining ELLE in 2015. Prior to my role at The London Evening Standard I was the Editor of British Airways’ inflight magazine for First-Class passengers.

As well as writing columns and features for magazines and the national press I write colourful and newsworthy celebrity interviews and have in the past two years written cover profiles of Kristen Stewart, Karlie Kloss, Lana Del Rey and Victoria Beckham, to name a few.

At ELLE I led a talented team who were constantly innovating in print and online. I have worked on digital, film and podcasts as well as adverts and multi-platform commercial projects.

Lotte can be contacted at lottejeffs@icloud.com

Follow her on Instagram @lottejeffs