From the return of the diva to the death of the ego (things move fast in print!), why we’re living in the age of ‘ish’, to Emily Dickinson’s Gen-Z renaissance and why Show Girls is the best worst film ever, I cover zeitgeisty trends, and social observation. I mainly write for UK newspaper supplements including The Guardian Weekend, Sunday Times STYLE, The Saturday Times Magazine and Stella. I am also known for my personal essays which have covered everything from death and divorce to the time I managed my Mum’s online dating life. I write columns and celebrity interviews; I’ve spent the day with Kristen Stewart, climbed a tree with Lana Del Rey and eaten pizza with Armie Hammer among numerous other encounters with everyone from Karlie Kloss to Charlotte Gainsbourg.

In 2019 I published my first book, a self-help guide called How To Be A Gentlewoman: The Art of Soft Power in Hard Times. And I am currently working on my first novel.

I am the cohost of a queer parenting podcast called Some Families. Since becoming a mother in 2018 parenting, particularly from a LGBTQ perspective has become another topic I write frequently about for newspapers and magazines.

Since leaving my role as Acting Editor in Chief and Deputy Editor of ELLE I ‘pivoted’ into advertising and have worked for Portas, and Ogilvy as Head of Content and Creative Director, respectively. See my advertising work, including the award-winning ‘Mr Swan’ Sipsmith Gin advert here.

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