Lotte Jeffs

I'm an author, an award-winning magazine writer, a podcaster, a commercial writer/ creative, and a parent

Astute, tender and utterly joy-filled.
ELLE Magazine

'This Love': out now

My debut novel, 'This Love', is out now. Spanning ten years of an extraordinary friendship, This Love is an epic tale of finding your soulmate and creating a family out of expansive, boundary-breaking love.

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Information is not being stolen from me anymore
Kristen Stewart

Interview with Kristen Stewart

I went to Los Angeles to interview Kristen Stewart for ELLE UK's September issue cover. As my Uber dropped me at the door to her house and drove off, I got a message to say our meeting had be pushed back an hour. I was stranded at the top of a hill in an affluent gated community in the mid-day heat.

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My award-winning pieces for magazines and the international press comprise celebrity cover profiles, moving personal memoirs, humorous takes on social trends, zeitgeisty explorations of issues around sexuality and gender, and smart writing about fashion and style.

  • The Times
  • Grazia
  • The Guardian
  • Evening Standard
  • Gay Times

Some Families

A podcast dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ families, hosted by myself and Stu Oakley. We share funny, emotional and true stories exploring all routes to queer parenthood

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Latest episode: July, 2021 , 36 min 57 sec

Questions From Our Straight Allies

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