From Gay to Ze

From Gay to Ze is a romp through the world of LGBTQ+ parenting, from those angst-ridden first conversations about wanting to start a family, to the brilliant and hilarious interactions you have with a 3-year old


  • August, 2023 , 44 min 04 sec

    Queer Travel Special #2 - Lotte and Stu go on Holigay

    From Gay to Ze’s series of summer travel specials continue with the second of our three episodes dedicated to queer holidays. In this episode Lotte and Stu are reporting from their hotel room at the Martinhal Resort in Sagres, Portugal. The duo are there to test out the family facilities, without their kids! Lotte and Stu discuss the highs and lows of holidaying as a queer family and also chat to Lotte’s wife, Jenny Southan, a travel journalist and CEO of Globetrender, about ways holiday providers can better cater to queer families.

  • July, 2023 , 34 min 54 sec

    Queer Travel Special #1 with TV vet Dr James Greenwood

    Woof Woof! We are kicking off our series of From Gay to Ze travel specials by speaking to the gorgeous human being, TV vet, author and presenter Dr. James Greenwood. James is a passionate advocate for the veterinary profession, animal welfare, conservation, mental health awareness and for LGBTQ equality. He speaks to Lotte and Stu about his experience of travelling and how he plans to navigate travelling as a new dad, as James and his partner Mark had their first son via surrogacy this May. This episode was made possible with support from our sponsor YOTEL.

  • June, 2023 , 21 min 10 sec

    I Kissed a Boy: Joseph Spills The Tea

    In another I Kissed a Boy special edition of From Gay to Ze, Lotte and Stu catch up with Joseph about his time in the masseria. Joseph talks about the reasons he wanted to go on the show including wanting to ensure representation on screen. He also talks to Lotte and Stu about his own coming out experience.

  • June, 2023 , 23 min 42 sec

    I Kissed a Boy: Mikey Spills The Tea

    Mikey, from I Kissed a Boy, joins Lotte and Stu on From Gay to Ze to spill the tea on his time on the show. He discusses being “the” OG drama on the show, let’s us know who else caught his eye in the masseria and how important it was for him to share his testicular cancer story on the show.

  • June, 2023 , 27 min 45 sec

    I Kissed a Boy: The From Gay to Ze Finale

    Lotte and Stu wrap up their special series celebrating the BBC show I Kissed a Boy with their thoughts on the final two episodes and the series as a whole. They also discuss their ‘parents night out’ at the taping of the reunion and meeting Dannii and the boys.

    Trigger warning: This episode does contain a brief mention and discussion on suicide.

  • June, 2023 , 33 min 00 sec

    I Kissed a Boy: Ollie and Dan Spill The Tea

    Stu and Lotte are back with one final episode of From Gay to Ze: I Kissed a Boy with the undoubted winners of the show, Ollie and Dan. We caught up with the one and only couple from the Masseria to stand the test of time. The boys tell Stu and Lotte how they’ve dealt with the pressure of now being a public couple, dealing with potential jealously from the other boys and just how far DID they go in the Masseria? And is there a “Dolly” reality show on its way? Time to spill the tea one final time…

  • May, 2023 , 45 min 28 sec

    In Bed with Stu and Lotte and Sex Expert, Dr Karen Gurney

    From Gay to Ze gets hot and steamy as Lotte and Stu ask psychosexologist Dr Karen Gurney if having children really means the death of your sex life. Karen, a queer parent herself, addresses this and chats to Lotte and Stu about the nuances involved with having intimate moments with yourself or a partner when you are an LGBTQ+ parent. Dr Gurney also helps us answer a problem from a listener involving the practicalities of lesbian sex with a pregnant bump.

    And in their weekly catch up Stu drops a shock wedding bombshell and Lotte shares a run in with a straight woman who asked if queer people had queer kids.

  • May, 2023 , 25 min 45 sec

    I Kissed a Boy: From Gay to Ze

    Lotte and Stu have put the kids in bed in order to have a good kiki about the amazing new LGBTQ+ dating show, I Kissed a Boy. The BBC show follows a group of gay men as they try to find love in an Italian messeria. Lotte and Stu breakdown who is who and chat through the already dramatic events that take place in the first two episodes. Join us each week for these special bonus editions of From Gay to Ze dedicated to the queer Love Island!

  • May, 2023 , 34 min 40 sec

    I Kissed a Boy, the Kiki continues: From Gay to Ze

    Lotte and Stu continue the ‘I Kissed a Boy’ takeover of From Gay to Ze with a new episode of the podcast that unpacks the drama of episodes three and four of the BBC gay dating show. This week they are joined by special guest - and fellow queer parent - Tom Cox, for his hot take on the hot boys from I Kissed a Boy. The trio discuss the dearly departed from the show, the new guys and the continued drama from the masseria.

  • May, 2023 , 35 min 01 sec

    I Kissed a Boy: Bobski and Josh Spill the Tea on From Gay to Ze

    In this special edition of From Gay to Ze, Lotte and Stu are joined by Bobski and Josh from I Kissed a Boy to spill the tea on their time in the masseria including who else they fancied, their hot take on the hot couples and Bobski takes part in the Yaaas or Pass game.